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Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Favourite 3 Instagram Accounts

For nearly a year now I have been happily snapping away on Instagram. At first I was sceptical, but I've come to love both posting and browsing those little squares of delight. 

There's something about a square photo which fills me with nostalgia for my first experiments in photography on a Rolleiflex camera, which just seemed so cool. 

I thought it would be nice to share with you my three favourite Instagram accounts and tell you what I like about them. 

At third place is MySweatLife. Not only is this girl gorgeous, but her cheery face is indicative of the motivating captions she always writes. She doesn't pretend that getting and staying fit is easy, but every time I read her words I end up fired up to put 110% into my next workout. She is pretty honest about her whole journey, so she posts plenty of before & after shots, and what I love best about this is that she perfectly illustrates the point that strong is so much better than skinny, and that weight is a relatively useless way of judging your progress. Thanks Kelsey for all of the fitspo!

At second is georgina_mariee, the beautiful yogi. I am captivated by her filmed sequences, which she expands into tutorials. Again, the main thing I love about this girl is her openness and honesty about the battles she is fighting, and her empowering words of encouragement. There are many many instgrammers who post beautiful shots of themselves doing yoga, but few of them seem as keen as this girl to see their followers get there too. Plus, she even occasionally posts the clips of her falling- how real is that?!

And at Number 1 I put Michael James Wong. I discovered this chap thorough the online yoga class platform Udaya, and now his little phrases have entered my family lexicon: "take what you want, leave what you don't" is a big favourite, as is "option three: stay and breathe" whenever I am having a bit of a freak out (you might have to go to Udaya for that one to make sense!). So I look to his Instagram account not only for yoga inspiration, but pearls of wisdom for life in general, all spoken with a really endearing humour and sense of perspective. 

Thank you all for the inspiration and motivation, and for sharing your stories with the world. 

Are you on Instagram? Why not connect with me there- I'd love to see the pretty little square windows into your journey too!