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About Me

Nobody ever picked me for a sports team until I was the last one standing.

I was clumsy, uncoordinated, uncompetitive, and I made poor decisions about what to do in the rare instances I got the the netball or hockey ball, I couldn't catch and I couldn't throw.

But this isn't a sob story; I was clearly completely rubbish at team sports at school, as many of us feel we are.

I'm only writing it to illustrate the fact that we don't have to let our past determine our future.

Reading the above, you'd be forgiven for thinking I wasn't fitness instructor material, and I suspect a few people might be a little surprised about my current training (not to mention the fact that I love press ups!).

For a long time my confidence was dented in my ability to achieve anything which involved raising my heart rate, and so for years after I left school I joined the huge proportion of us that don't exercise at all.

It was only years later when I started going to Hi Lo Aerobics, run by a hugely inspirational lady called Fran that I found I didn't have to be hiding in the back row, struggling. My love of keeping fit developed, as did my addiction for the happy endorphins you get after a work out!

Inspired more recently by amazing Amanda, who developed her love of keeping fit into becoming a Personal Trainer right before my very eyes, I have decided to put my energies into training to be a fitness professional in my own right.

I am already a qualified teacher: I very much enjoy my other field of expertise: teaching and designing in fashion and textiles, and while in some aspects this couldn't be more different from teaching exercise, I think do have transferable skills.

We all put up barriers as to why we can't work on our real goals- whether they are getting fit or achieving something completely different. It seems that breaking down the mental and emotional barriers, whatever they are for us as complex individuals, is just as important as putting in the hours of physical effort.

Good luck on your fitness journey!

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