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Monday, 13 February 2017

Healthy Food on the Go

Healthy High Street Options:

Picture this: you're travelling. Sitting on trains has left you wrung out and exhausted, you have no facilities to cook, you don't fancy the ambience or the price tag of a restaurant... so what do you eat? 

Usually when I'm in this situation I find myself in some sort of quandary: I want to eat healthily, but I also want comfort, so more often than not I end up with a half-hearted compromise like a salad and some chocolate. And guess what: I never feel good! 

So, on my latest jaunt I decided to photograph my meals, as a way of holding myself accountable and eating more mindfully. I wasn't counting calories or thinking about my macros, my main goal was just to not eat junk. Here's a summary- hope it helps you find some on-the-go-eating inspiration:


This is what I ate for breakfast every day: porridge pots and raspberries. Wolfy's brand is the tastiest I've found and also seems to have the fewest ingredients, with no added sugar too. I didn't even think about food again until lunch.


I do love Pret a Manger. There isn't one where I live, so it is a treat for me. It's not hard to choose something wholesome yet filling. 

That's an avocado wrap and veggie miso soup on one day, and a felafel flat bread and coconut latte the next.  

The 'Hot Shot' was also amazing: orange, turmeric and cayenne pepper: wboohoo!! It certainly warmed me up on a day when snow was flurrying outside the windows. 


Evenings after a long day of concentrating are when I usually reach for a sugar hit. I managed to stave this off with fruits and juices, and the heavenly delight that is Coyo. 

I really hit Waitrose salad department too: my favourite was bulgar wheat, sweet potato and hummus, but also lovely were the broccoli and buckwheat noodle, and quinoa and greens. Costing between £2 and £4 these were not only filling and nourishing, but really cost-effective too. 


I did snack on fruit and nuts, and there was no way I was going to try to live without coffee, but in moderation and with plenty of water I know this works fine for me. 

I had plenty of energy and focus and I will definitely try to eat like this when I'm traveling in future. 

How do you eat healthily when traveling? Why not let me know your tips the comments!