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Monday, 28 August 2017

Sundried Jute Yoga Mat Review & Discount Code

Sundried Yoga mat review
new yoga mat

Why buy a new yoga mat?

Sometimes, it is just time for a new mat. For whatever reason your old one might not serve its purpose any more- it might be smelly beyond rescuing, the cat might have put so many claw marks in it that it is pretty much a cat toy, you may have lent it to someone and it doesn't feel quite yours anymore, it might not be thick enough to serve you, or it might just be time for a change. In my case, it was all of the above, so I was looking to invest. But without actually spending a lot of money. 

Sundried Yoga mat review
it's pretty!

Sundried, the brand:

I have bought from Sundried before- I like them because they are an ethical brand who are responsible to the environment an to the people in their supply chain. I really loved their leggings and wore them until they wore out. They are also UK based.
textured natural jute

The Eco Yoga Mat:

This mat is actually made from jute, with a squishy blue foamy substance pushed through it. The jute is obviously natural, but I am unclear what the blue substance is. With Sundried's eco credentials I would expect it to be either or both recycled or biodegradable. I will ask them and let you know if I find out. 

First impressions were that it is very pretty! I'm aware that sounds pretty shallow, but actually I think I would be much more likely to want to spend time on a mat that I don't find visually jarring. The yoga mat can be a place of sanctuary so for me it has to feel like a mini bit of home, and this cobalt blue ticks all the boxes for me.

natural yoga mat
love blue!

How did the mat perform?

I took to the mat for my practice this morning. I really like the texture and natural feel of it. It was a tiny bit slipper that I imagined, but this seemed to decrease as I went on- I either got used to it or as things got warmer and possibly sweatier there was more grip. The texture did imprint onto my skin, which I'm not really bothered about, but if I was at a class I might have something softer handy to prevent getting an embarrassingly jute-textured face. It smells new, but I imagine this will wear off. And on a similar note I am not sure how you would clean such a textured mat. 

eco yoga mat review
the bobbly underside

The underneath is bobbly, so I think it would have loads of grip on a smooth floor. I did my yoga inside, but when I took the mat outdoors to photograph it I though I'd put its thickness to the test on our lumpy gravel courtyard. Although I could feel minor bumps through the mat, it would definitely be comfortable enough to practise outdoors, which I am delighted by. 

Sundried discount code
yep, definitely thick enough

The Verdict:

The Sundried yoga mat comes with a substantial cotton carry strap (not all mats do), which can also be used in your practice, so this is an added bonus. Provided that the blue backing is as eco as the branding makes out then it is reassuring to have a yoga tool which will not be littering the planet for ever. It is stylish and in my experience so far performs well. 

The list price is £50, which is not cheap, but Sundried offer a 30 day free returns service. 

In addition, I have an extremely generous 50% discount code (valid across the Sundried online store), which makes this very reasonable (especially when you factor in that a yoga strap can cost upto £15 by itself).  Just type in FITPIXIE at the checkout and your discount will show up. 

I'll be bringing mine to class if you want to take a look.